Serial Bootloader for Microchip, Atmel, NXP, TI, 8051 microcontrolers

Tiny Multi Bootloader+

What is it?
It's a Bootloader for Microchip, Atmel, NXP, TI and 8051 devices.
A Bootloader is a firmware running in the microcontroler device which allows the user to send it's own firmware without the need of a programmer.
This Bootloader consists of:

  • firmwares for many devices (this firmware need to be send to the device's flash memory with a programmer, only once)
  • a PC software which communicates with the bootloader firmware in the device and send the user's program in its memory

Where does it come from?
This Bootloader is based on "Tiny PIC Bootloader" made by Claudiu Chiculita.
A special THANK to him!!!

What can it do?
It can program:

  • Microchip PIC10/12/16/18/24/32/dsPIC30/33
  • Atmel ATtiny, ATmega
  • TI MPS430
  • NXP ARM Cortex-M0+
  • Silicon Labs C8051

And this:

  • with light modifications to the Bootloader firmware for new devices
  • without modifying your source code or using a special linker script
  • via GUI or command line prog
  • with automatic Reset