Training System for a power plant managing

Mi central

How wonderful electricity is, they assure on the program page. And My Central can also be a fabulous experience or not ... It depends on your knowledge on the subject.

Control a thermal power plant and supply the requested energy with My Central.
Design a strategy to consume as few resources as possible, and anticipate breakdowns.

At your expense, a multitude of controls to design a strategy in order to consume the least possible resources. Part of the challenge will be anticipating possible breakdowns.

Be careful with the reactions that occur because they will be a direct consequence of what you do with the systems.

As it is a simulator, with My Central that has to deal with hateful alarms and with the sword of Damocles, always on your head: a bad mandrel or a breakdown and everything sells below.
Since then, if for you electricity is only what you pay once a month and coal what the Three Wise Men bring you, then they have to dedicate so many hours to My Central that it is almost worth going to the University.