Software to Calculate Moments of Inertia Center of Gravity of Composite Sections


ULISES II is a software to calculate moments of inertia and centers of gravity.

Use of the ULISES II software for gantries:

  1. You must decompose your figure into several elementary figures (triang, straight, Square, Etc.)
  2. Income approximate measures for the purposes of establishing a work scale
  3. You choose the type of geometric figure in the bottom bar
  4. You enter the coordinates of that figure.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until completing the figure to determine the c.d.g.
  6. Enter the coordinates of the profiles and their height in cm.
  7. You click on the calculator button and it will have the c.d.g. and the mtos. main inertia
  8. You can view and print the necessary data