A math program to implement linear and nonlinear programming

Visual Optim

Visual Optim is a math program to implement linear and nonlinear programming.

Visual Optim is a kind of mathematical utility that helps you keep track of the behavior of certain functions.

Well, the fundamental objective of Visual Optim is to implement both linear and non-linear functions. A range of data can be applied to each and every one of the functions to see, in this way, what values ​​they will take as functions are to be specified.

In this way, Visual Optim will be very useful to investigate certain behaviors of some functions based on certain data that they take. You can also specify, in Visual Optim, the tolerance level you want to apply for each of the functions.

Visual Optim Features:    

  •  One dimensional searching. 
  •  Linear programming. 
  •  Unconstrained nonlinear programming. 
  •  Constrained nonlinear programming.

Visual Optim System Requirements: Windows XP or newer