Distance Learning Tool


Schoology combines instructional tools, assessments, collaboration features, and advanced analytics into one comprehensive LMS platform. Within the system, teachers can develop and distribute course materials, facilitate discussions, assign tests and quizzes, and even give parents visibility into their child’s progress.

Teachers can browse community groups to leverage free resources provided by other instructors and integrate external tools and games into their courses using Schoology’s app center. A dedicated mobile app allows for anytime access for instructors and students alike.

Limits and cost to upgrade

The “Basic” package of Schoology is free for instructors and learners. The “Enterprise” package, targeted at whole schools and institutions, has more functionality and customized pricing.

What users say about Schoology

  • Easy to communicate with students and parents
  • Integrates with a lot of other educational tools and platforms
  • Intuitive calendar and shared lesson planner